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February 2018

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$ECYT ww for topping in the 6's for a short, 6.5 would be ideal at that res there, stops will need to be tight as this is a range test. Alert: Bid>6.25 $AAXN Looking for cont tomorrow to the upside, have half of the 35 calls left, ww for a dip in morning to add a few. Very

$BPMX range break to upside off bottom, ww the .23 break for cont as this ahs more upside. Alert: Bid>.23 $TWLO Nice flag break today, ww the range break now on the daily at 35.15, this can push nicely to the upside if that breaks, big res. Alert: Bid>35.15 $AHPI getting extended on the daily, ww a push into 3.75

$VERI looking for cont off the bottom into the 19.9 spot, 18 break is the key for cont ww for that. Beaten down stock due for reversal Alert: Bid>18 $RXII nice small bio ww given recent runner ZSAN today, 3.72 range break off the bottom and should push to 4.6, confirmation and volume is key on this Alert: Bid>3.72 $IPHI

$W beaten down from earnings ww a cross back of the 200sma and 75 break, ww playing some long for a bounce Alert: Bid>75 $PRAH ww for cont down into 80 aka the 200sma, can ride it down then wait for basing and play long on the curl Alert: Ask<82 $MLNX ww for cont higher, room into the mid 70's

$TWTR nice flag setup on daily, ww the intraflag break at 34.5 area for cont to recent highs, looks like setting up imo Alert: Bid>34.5 $VRX nice range break setup on daily, ww for 18.12 break and hold over for cont higher. Alert: Bid>18.12 $RRR h/s break setup as well here at 35.05, break and confirm we should see a

$KONA Nice small one off the bottom, reclaiming the 50ema support, ww the 2.1 break for a push. Alert: Bid>2.1 $MOMO nice range break on daily, ww for cont to the upside, trend and ema support intact. Alert: Bid>32.5 $P ww the range break to upside as well, 5.39 break has some room. May push into e/r Alert: Bid>5.39 $UCTT nice reversal

$ASIX nice dt break on daily and reclaim of ema support, room to 50ema ww for cont over 38.4 Alert: Bid> 38.4 $SPWR ww the 7.5 break for cont to upside into that 50ema, the dt has broken and this can push just needs to hold 7.42 imo. Conf Key! Alert Bid>7.45 $KURA range break on daily, closing strong confirming

$MYOK ww long if this daily flag breaks range to upside, nice bullish setup. 55.4 will be a big spot, needs to confirm. Alert: Bid>55.4 $MU tight wedge but being tested once again ww the 43.8 spot for the breakout, this can push imo if it confirms. Alert: Bid>43.8 $QD ww the range break off the bottom through the 50ema,

$CDXC ww the 5.42 break to upside, nice reversal off bottom now needs to break and hold above the 50ema for cont. Confirmation key. Alert: Bid>5.42 $MDCO nice flag setup here, chart held 50ema nicely and dt now broken. needs that intraflag range break. Alert: Bid>32.56 $BXC ww the flag break at 16.68, nicely held up and can push when

$VRS nice curl off the 50ema support and reclaim of ema support as well, ww long through the 15.8 spot, dt break can push. Alert: Bid>15.85 $AKTX ww long off the bottom on a 2.77 range break, nice r/r. Dt breaking this will have some room to 3.6 $TCAP ww the range break on daily, 11 spot break has