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December 2018

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$BJ  ww the range break to the upside above 24.15,nice consolidation on the chart. Room to the upside imo.Alert: 24.15Options Note: 25 Dec 21 calls $LMT ww the 298.7 area on the daily, this breaks we should see cont to the upside. Alert: Bid> 298.7Options Note: Weekly 305 calls $LITE ww long to the upside above the 44 spot, can push towards

$INTC ww the break and push from the 50ema, can see cont on the bounce back towards the top part of the range. Alert: Bid>47.89 Options Note: Lotto 48 calls   $AVAV ww off the bottom, 72 breaks we can see cont on this bounce back towards the 74.61 area, confirmation key. Alert: Bid>72 Options Note: Dec 21 75 calls   $ICPT ww off

$OKTA ww the cont to downside on the uptrend break, stock has room back into the 50ema at 59. Alert: Ask<60.5 Equity Focus   $WTW Looking for cont lower on the break of this uptrend, testing the range support to the downside, this must break and confirm for continuation. Alert: Ask<49.6 Options Note: 49-48 weekly puts   $AMD Breaking the uptrend off the bottom,

$TLRD ww the reclaim of the 24 area, room to 25 if it holds up. Nice daily range breakout. Alert: Bid> 24 Options Note: 25 Dec 21 calls   $NVRO ww long over the 43 area, nice daily setup here. Alert: Bid 43 Options Note: Dec 45 calls   $VSAT nice daily flag setup, breaks the range on the daily at 70.5 has room