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$GBX ww bottom play if it breaks 45 will be looking for a rebound to upside, needs conf! Alert: Bid>45 $ATRA looking for flag break on daily, held the ema support nicely, breaks and confirms we should see cont. Alert: Bid>40.6 $AAXN massive range break setting up on daily, watching for it at around 43.6, confirms we should push Alert: Bid>43.6 $SLDB

$ACIA ww the 29.85 break for cont to the 31 res, riding the uptrend slowly of the bottom, looking for cont Alert: Bid>29.85 $RIOT spec play but bottoming, ww the 7.8 break for a squeeze higher, confirmation key here imo Alert: Bid>7.8 $BOFI big range break on daily, stayed up despite sell off in market as well, indication of strength

$NETE nice little flag break on daily, curling up, ww the h/s test here around the 10 spot, breaks can see a nice push Alert: bid>10 $COUP big range break test setting up on daily, ww long if it breaks to upside and confirms Alert: 50.69 $EAT big range break setting up on daily at 40.8 off the bottom, confirms

$AYTU little dt break off the bottom, given the recent beat down VTVT worth watching in spec. Alert: Bid>.65 $GLNG nice chatter news on this today and range break test, ww cont into the range break, if confirms we can see cont Alert: Bid>31.65 $GRA Nice one breakout on daily, looking for cont as room into 72 area, breaks 69.3

$BHVN ww the range break on daily here, reclaiming the 50 as well, will have room to the 200sma on daily if it breaks out again tom Alert:Bid>28.4 $VXRT ww the dt break on daily here, small float so it can push on a breakout, confirmation key! Alert: Bid>5.7 $TWLO big range break setup through those ath, confirmation key but

$W ww the range break on daily to upside, nice reversal pattern setting up here, look for that 70 break and confirm Alert: Bid>70 $SPPI Flag break on daily to upside, looking for confirmation tomorrow for cont, potential to squeeze, held ema support Alert: Bid>20.25 $OCX nice curl off bottom and reclaim of ema support, looking for cont on the

$TCP nice curl here on daily, looking for the 33.6 break for cont to upside, grinder but potential imo Alert: Bid>33.6 $VERI ww the range break at 18.34, can only take on confirmation but will have some nice room into that gap Alert: Bid>18.3 $IQ ww long if the 20 range break occurs, can see serious cont BUT must confirm,

$YTEN nice dt break on daily, some spec news on so ww if it can break and hold 2 could get some legs. Alert: Bid>2.18 $PBYI nice curl on daily and dt break, ema support reclaimed, room to 68.3 here, that breaks can see some cont. Alert: Bid>68.3 $OSTK nice curl and reversal setting of the bottom here, ww that

$PPC nice dt test here, ww the break at the 24.18 area, confirmation key  but has some room to push on a breakout. Alert: Bid>24.18 $SIG ww the in/v h/s on the daily, tight risk here, need that 38.6 break and conf and can head up. $AAXN big range break setup on daily, nice flag pattern if confirms at

$VSTM ww the break of 3.57 range for cont higher, nice dt break on daily and hold over ema support, can cont to push Alert: Bid>3.57 $SMRT nice curl on daily and intraflag range break, ww 1.8 break for cont higher. Alert: Bid>1.8 $TWLO nice curl off bottom, ww the intraflag range break for cont higher, break and hold key Alert: