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$SFLY Watch the break of 47 for cont to the upside, once the 50 EMA is reclaimed/ downtrend is broken we have room to cont out of this consolidation higher, great look imo.Alert: Bid>47Equity Focus$GOGO Nice downtrend break on the daily and reclaim of the 50 EMA. This level holds we can see cont towards 4.3, that breaks room into

$HEAR ww the 18.4 break for cont back into the 19-20 area, big range resistance area. Must break and hold. Alert: Bid 18.4Options note: 20 March 15c $DY Range break setup 64.8 area, room to around 67-68 on the daily. Alert: Bid>64.8 Options Note: Weekly 65 Calls $BE Looking at the 50ema break for cont to the upside, room to

$RMD ema support reclaim on daily with room into the gap towards the 50ema, room to push imo, nice lookAlert: Bid>99.6Options Note: 100c Weekly Cheap! $PIXY Low float name off the bottom, curliong and ema reclaim, breaks the 50ema has room to push imoAlert: Bid>1.81Equity Focus $ROKU Big flag break setup on the daily, consolidating for the next leg up imo, ww

$WTW Spec play off the bottom if it can break the 29.55 and hold, earnings next week, room to the upside. Only grab on confirmation of the 29.55.Alert: Bid>29.55Options Note: 30 calls Weekly $ALGN Nice breakout on the daily into the gap, looking for cont higher into the 260+ level. RoomAlert: Bid>258 Options Note: 270 calls Weekly $DBVT Beaten down name, looking for

$AXGN Range breaking off the bottom, looking for cont higher into the 20.6 level next few days, must break and confirm.Alert: Bid>18.86Equity focus $NVRO Nice daily flag break setup, looking for cont to the recent range high of 49.55, that breaks we have room 50+ this weekAlert: Bid>49.55Options Note: Feb 15, 50 calls $PAM massive range break on the daily setup, watch

$SFLY Watch the 48 break to the upside for cont tomorrow into the 49-50 mark. Big range on daily. Great Strength, will be the blow off short term imo if this area breaks to the upside.Alert: Bid>48Options Note: Feb 15 50 calls $ENTA 91 Breaks to the upside we can see cont towards the 95 area. Room to push imo.Alert: Bid>91Options Note: Feb 15 95