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$NBEV ww the 4.35 50ema break on the daily, this can see cont to the upside. Like the change of the health of the company for cont,not a momo play. Alert: Bid>4.35 Options Note: Lotto Nov 16 4.5 calls   $AZUL ww the 27 break for cont to upside, there is tons of room to the upside. Alert: Bid>27.1 Equity Focus   $VNET nice monthly range break setup,

$ROKU ww long off the bottom off this range break and extension, 44.3 breaks we have room to rebound towards the 46-47 level imo Alert: Bid> 44.3 Options Note: 45 weekly calls   $AMD ww the 21.08 area, breaks we can see a range break off the bottom and cont push to the upside. Alert: Bid>21.08 Options Note: 21.5   $BHGE 23.67 break to the upside we can

$DXR nice daily flag setup, worth watching the 8.3 level. If this breaks we have room towards the 9.39 spot. Alert: Bid>8.39 Equity Focus   $WWE Bearish outlook on daily, big rang support to be tested at 66.6, if this breaks we have room towards 64. Alert: Ask<66.6 Options Note: 65 Weekly Puts   $UMRX nice downtrend break on the daily, worth watching the reclaim of the 8

$CVS nice relative strength, ww the range break to upside on the daily for cont higher towards the 82 level. Options Note: 82 weekly calls Alert: Bid>81.28   $PZZA ww the daily range break out to the upside, we can see cont higher imo Options Note: 58 weekly calls Alert: Bid>57.06   $EIDX ww the 15.45 break on daily for a squeeze higher, nice amount of room to

$RRR ww the break of the 50ema and range area off the bottom, if we can push through this level we should see cont higher towards the 28 mark. Alert: Bid>26.2  Equity Focus   $SAGE ww the 50ema break on the daily 134.29 break we should see cont towards the 140 levl, must break and confirm Alert: Bid> 134   $SGMS ww cont over the 26.9 level,

$EVH looking for cont on the break of the 26.7 area, breaks we have room for cont into the 28 area. Watch for confirmation Options Note: 30 Nov 16 calls Alert: Bid>26.7   $INTC great bull flag setup on daily, looking for cont on the semi names higher off the bottom. breaks the range we should see next leg up imo Options Note: 49 weekly