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$PETS Flagging on the daily, ww the 48.5 break this can push to recent highs. Nice bullish look. Alert: Bid>48.5 $CLNT Nice daily and look given the recent run in CNET this has some potential if it range breaks at 9.8. Alert Set. Alert: Bid>9.8 $IZEA Nice flag break on daily and confirm by closing above the area today, ww tomorrow for more upside on

$SPY flag breaking and range breaking to ATH, we should cont to push higher on this breakout, blue skys. $USO little extended here on the daily into the range test at 12.45, expect to see some res and a slight pull back into the trend before we push and test it again. $GDX Rejected at the res here at 23.88 but the

$FTFT like the trend hold and the flag break here, looks like we should get a bounce to this 5.81 spot, will see if it can push there after Alert: Bid>5.2 $OSTK nice flag break on daily, now need the range break and we should push toward the 74 area Alert: Bid>70.8 $APHB nice small one breaking the range out of the consolidation, ww

$XNET ww long on this dt break and small range break, watch that 16.9 spot as this can push to 18 quickly if that break. Alert: Bid>16.9 $SIEB nice flag break on daily here, ww long for cont over 16, can see some cont. Alert: Bid>16 $LX looking for cont from this flag and range breakout today, ww on a pull back into the