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$COUP watch the 69.88 range res on the daily to the upside, breaks this range we can see cont on the break out. Lovely chart for cont. NTNX sympathy imoAlert: Bid>69.88Options Note: Weekly 70 calls $TPX Worth watching the 50.89 area of resistance to the upside, breaks this are we can see cont imo back into the 52-53 range.Alert: Bid>50.89Options Note:

$PBYI Worth watch a break of the intra-flag range break for continuation on the daily towards the 25 range resistance, holding EMA support, bullish look.Alert: Bid>23.8Equity Focus $TNXP Small spec play on watch given the recent low float action. Recent reverse split. Watching the EMA reclaim on the daily for continuation higher.Alert: Bid>2.5Equity Focus $WYNN Watching the roll over at the 106.5

$THO 62 break for cont to the upside into the 65 level. Nice daily chart setup but must break and hold 50 EMA for cont.Alert: Bid>62Options Note: Weekly 65 calls$MTCH Watching the hold above the 50 EMA for cont if we can also break the 45.58 resistance to the upside. Alert: Bid>45.58Options Note: Weekly 45-50 calls$PTLA Biotech name setup for continuation

$DOMO flag break setup on daily, ww the 22 break for cont towards the 23.1+ area. Holding ema support and trend above recent range break.Alert: Bid>22Options Note: Jan 18 22-23 calls $NKTR ww the range break on the daily to the upside IF we can take out 42.24 we have room to push.Alert: Bid>42.24Options Note: Jan 11th 42.5 calls $NBEV nice daily flag setup, uptrend and

$SQ Watch for the pull back on this name to retest that 50ema, if we do great place to watch for basing to take long on contAlert: Ask<65Options Note: 65 Weekly calls $TGT Watching for a rejection at the 50ema to take short back down into the 70 area.Alert: Bid>71.51Options Note: Weekly 70 outs on reject $TILE 15.51 break to the upside,

$MTCH breaking out off the bottom into the gap, ww for cont above the 45.3 level, room to push higher. Alert: Bid>45.3Options Note: 45-47 calls Jan 18 $NVRO Nice range breakout setup on daily with room into the 50ema, looking for cont higher above the 40.1 spot into that area if we confirm the breakoutAlert: Bid>40.1Options Note: Jan 18 40 calls $NKTR Breaking