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Side Charts – Sept 20, 2018

$GOGO ww over 5.5 nice range break off the bottom, holding all ema support, pushing slow and steady.  Range break will need to confirm imo but nice room.
Alert: Bid>5.51
Options Note: 5.5 Calls Sept 21

$TIVO ww 14 break to upside for cont, nice flag break setup on daily, will be a grinder imo.
Alert: Bid>14.05
Equity Focus

$LL 18.11 range break off the bottom ww to upside, will be slow grinder imo.
Alert: Bid>18.11

$BITA ww the 23.9 range break to upside off this range, support holding and chart looks like it can move IF it confirms imo
Alert: Bid>23.9
Options Note: 22.5 calls Sept 21

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