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Side Charts – Dec 14, 2018

$HUYA 18.3 res breaks we can see cont to the upside. Think we can see a push towards the 50ema.
Alert: Bid>18.3
Options: 18.5 Calls Dec 14th

$CIEN Worth watch the 35 area tomorrow, if this range breaks to the upside we can see cont to upside again imo towards Thursdays highs.
Alert: Bid>35
Options Note: Dec 14 31 calls

$JD ww the 50ema break on the daily for cont to the upside, must break andhold. Nice look so far.
Alert: Bid>23.15
Options Note: Dec 14 23 calls

$INTC Semi ww tomorrow on lotto Friday, breaks out of the range.48.65 key breakfor cont
Alert: Bid>48.65
Options Note: Bid>48.5

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