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Side Charts – Dec 18, 2018

$RIOT ww the dt channel retest at 1.8, if this breaks we can see a nice push, former runner. 
Alert: Bid>1.8
Options Note: 2 Dec 21 calls

$SQ Watch the bearflag range break to the downside 59.1 breaks we should see cont lower imo. 
Alert: Ask<59.1
Options Note: 57.5 Puts Dec 21

$PYPL 83.85 large support area, if this breaks ww for cont lower into the low 80s
Alert: Ask<83.5
Options Note: 80-81 weekly puts

$PTCT ww the 32 area of support on daily, this breaks we have a confirmed bear flag and room to recent lows.
Alert: Ask<32
Options Note: 32 Dec 21 Puts

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