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Side Charts – Dec 19, 2018

$SRPT ww a bounce back towards 108.65 support and failure to short the stock back down, room towards 101 imo on this range breaks
Alert: Bid>108
Equity Focus

$OLED ww the 93 area of support, if this spot breaks we will have room lower. Relative strength despite the market pull back. 
Alert: Ask<93
Options Note: Dec 21 90 Puts

$SOLO small one ww off the botom, 1.31 breaks can get some vol coming in, nice r/r down here. Crossing ema’s to the upside.
Alert: Bid>1.31

$UNG ww the 31.5 support reclaim tomorrow, if this holds we can see continuation to the upside, UGAZ can be played in sympathy, range to the upside on that 3x leveraged ETF
Alert: Bid>31.5
Options Note: 31-32 weekly Dec 21 calls.

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