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Side Charts – Dec 26, 2018

$TWLO worth watching the 75.7 area, if this level gets reclaimed we can see a bounce back towards the downtrend on the daily, extended down here.
Alert: Bid>75.7
Options Note: 80 Weekly Calls

$TWTR Broken trend and into the bottom range support on the weekly, watch the 26.19 area. If this support holds we can see a bounce back into the 28-28.5 resistance. Extended to the downside. Confirmation key!
Alert: Ask<26.4
Options Note: On hold of support, 26.5-27 Weekly Calls

$CRSP Worth watching the 25.2 area of resistance on the daily, if this downtrend breaks we can see continuation on this bounce higher into 28.2-29
Alert: Bid>25.2
Equity Focused

$OLED Testing Bottom daily and weekly support, watch the 83 area, if this resistance breaks we can confirm the support is holding and look for a bounce in the short term.
Alert: Bid>83
Options Note: 85-90 Weekly Vertical Calls

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