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Side Charts – Dec 28, 2018

$OLED ww the 86.31 support level, if this breaks we can see a pull back into the lower 82 area.
Alert: Ask<86.3
Options Note: 85 weekly puts 

$PIXY ww the 2.01 area off the bottom, big vol today interesting in that regard. 
Alert: Bid>2.01
Equity Focus

$OKTA ww the 50ema break on the daily, has room to test the downtrend above this level, high beta name. 
Alert: Bid>60
Equity Focus

$CGC ww the 25.5 area of support, bear flag setting up on the daily, if this level breaks we can see con to the downside 24 level imo. 
Alert: Ask<25.5
Options Note: 25 Weekly puts

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