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Side Charts – Feb 1, 2019

$ACB Flagging on daily, room to upside on the break of this area. Lovely hold of all EMA support.
Alert: Bid>7.2
Options Note: Jan 2020 $7 calls (Swing Idea)

$NDRA Small spec play, watching for the break of the 2.33 res level for con to the upside into the 2.55 level, nice daily setup with room but must confirm the breakout.
Alert: Bid>2.33

$RMD Watch the daily support reclaim of the 95.6, we will have range to bounce towards the 100 level fairly quick.
Alert: Bid>95.6
Options Note: Feb 15, 100 calls (Cheap)

$SFLY Watching for the break of the 50 EMA and hold for cont to the upside, great chart for cont on the daily imo
Alert: Bid>46.86
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