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Side Charts – Feb 14, 2019

$RMD ema support reclaim on daily with room into the gap towards the 50ema, room to push imo, nice look
Alert: Bid>99.6
Options Note: 100c Weekly Cheap!

$PIXY Low float name off the bottom, curliong and ema reclaim, breaks the 50ema has room to push imo
Alert: Bid>1.81
Equity Focus

$ROKU Big flag break setup on the daily, consolidating for the next leg up imo, ww the 50.7 break for the push.
Alert: Bid>50.7
Options Note: 51 weekly calls

$SAIC big range breakout on daily setup at 74.6, that breaks room for cont towards the 77-78 mark
Alert: Bid>74.6
Equity Focus

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