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Side Charts – Feb 7, 2019

$CLVS Worth watch the break and hold of the 26.6 level for cont into 27.6 on the upside. Nice amount of room on the daily for cont if we break and confirm.
Alert: Bid>26.6
Equity Focus

$PBYI Looking for the break and hold of the 28.42 level. Stock is into the gap with room on the upside.
Alert: Bid>28.42
Equity Focus 

$VSAT looking for a daily range break  to the upside for the cont, nice amount of room into the gap towards 69 imo
Alert: Bid>66
Options Note: Feb 15 70 calls

$VC lovely daily chart for cont to the upside into the 82-83 range above that 80 level of resistance.
Alert: Bid>80
Options Note: Feb 15 80 Calls

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