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Side Charts – Jan 11, 2019

$DOMO flag break setup on daily, ww the 22 break for cont towards the 23.1+ area. Holding ema support and trend above recent range break.
Alert: Bid>22
Options Note: Jan 18 22-23 calls

$NKTR ww the range break on the daily to the upside IF we can take out 42.24 we have room to push.
Alert: Bid>42.24
Options Note: Jan 11th 42.5 calls

$NBEV nice daily flag setup, uptrend and intact and recent bullish activity in the sector. Watching the 6.3 area for a break and push higher. 
Alert: Bid>6.3
Equity Focus

$CAT Big Range break setup on the daily, watching for push cont over the 132.5 range break on the upside.
Alert: Bid>132.5
Options Note: Jan 18 135 calls

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