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Side Charts – Jan 16, 2019

$PBYI Worth watch a break of the intra-flag range break for continuation on the daily towards the 25 range resistance, holding EMA support, bullish look.
Alert: Bid>23.8
Equity Focus

$TNXP Small spec play on watch given the recent low float action. Recent reverse split. Watching the EMA reclaim on the daily for continuation higher.
Alert: Bid>2.5
Equity Focus

$WYNN Watching the roll over at the 106.5 area of support. In my opinion if that breaks we can get the next leg down into the 103 level this week.
Alert: Ask<106.5
Options Note: 107-105 Weekly puts

$QTT Small one, flagging on daily, holding EMA support and some nice constant vol. Watching the break of the 9.78 area of resistance for continuation higher into the 11’s
Alert: Bid>9.78
Equity Focus

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