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Side Charts – Jan 2, 2019

$TGT worth watching the 66.3 spot off the bottom. Nice range break setup and bear flag fail confirming. Squeeze pattern to the upside especially on the hold of ema support. Room into 68-69 imo on the break and hold.
Alert: Bid>66.3
Options Note: Jan 4th 67.5-68 Calls (Cheap)

$CRSP Reversal pattern setting up off the bottom IF we can break 28.78 it will confirm. We will have room to push back into the 30s imo, beaten down name.
Alert: Bid> 28.78
Options Note: Jan 4th 30 calls

$GOOS Nice downtrend break on the daily, looking for a reclaim of ema support 44.62 for cont higher back into the 13ema
Alert: Bid>44.62
Options Note: Jan 4th 45 calls

$ANF Nice break and hold of ema support, breaking out of a consolidation pattern to the upside. Room to 21 imo, cheap options once to watch on continuation
Alert: Bid>20.1
Options Note: Jan 4th 20-20.5 calls

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