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Side Charts – Jan 23, 2019

$SQ Rejected at the 50 EMA on daily, ww cont lower back into the uptrend support on the break of 67. Will have room towards 65-64.
Alert: Ask<67
Options Note: Weekly 67 Puts

$OLED Watch the 93 area of support, this EMA support break we have some room lower into sub 90’s, nice range to downside. 
Alert: Ask<93
Options Note: Weekly 90 puts

$PYPL Watch the 89 level of support on the daily, if we are unable to hold we will see continuation lower into the 87.82 support.
Alert: Ask<89
Options Note: Weekly 88 puts

$SINA Watch the 56 level of support on the daily, if this level breaks we can see continuation into the 53 mark to the downside.
Alert: Ask<56
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