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Side Charts – Jan 8, 2019

$EOLS ww the range break to the upside above the 15.51 area, if this breaks and holds we can cont to push imo to the upside. 
Alert: Bid>15.51
Equity Focus

$BIDU Lovely daily chart setup off the bottom IF we can break and hold over 165 we can see the next leg up imo.
Alert: Bid>165
Options Note: Weekly 170 calls

$PYX ww the 14.86 area of res to the upside, we can see cont and next leg up on that push imo. Nice chart setup for reversal off the bottom IF we get confirmation.
Alert: Bid>14.86
Options Note: Jan 18 $15 calls

$PBYI Watching this bio name off the bottom given the recent push in the sector, 23.1 breaks can see next leg up imo
Alert: Bid>23.1
Equity Focus. 

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