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Side Charts – March 12, 2019

$MO looking for cont on the upside if we can break and hold the 56.3 resistance to the upside. Will have room towards the 58 on the daily.
Alert: Bid>56.3
Options Note: Weekly 57 calls

$GOOS Watching the break of the down trend on the daily and cont into the 50 EMA, if we break and hold above that level we should get the next leg up into the daily downtrend test at 55.
Alert: Bid>52.94
Options Note: Weekly 55 calls

$ROKU looking for the next leg up to all time highs if we can break and hold above the 74.49 resistance to the upside.
Alert: Bid>74.49
Options Note: 77.5 weekly calls.

$PYX Flag breaking on the daily, look for continuation to recent highs if we can break and hold above the 27.39 res on the upside.
Alert: Bid>27.39
Options Note: 30 weekly calls

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