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Side Charts – March 13, 2019

$PVTL Watching the break of the 22.95 resistance to the upside for the next leg up. Flag on daily and recent reclaim of the EMA support.
Alert: Bid>22.95
Options Note: 23 Weekly Calls

$KEG Watching the range break to the upside on the daily. In my opinion (IMO) the chart has room to push 6+ if we can confirm with some volume
Alert: Bid>4.33
Equity Focus

$ALRM Watching the break back above EMA support into the gap, room to push IMO if we can confirm the hold.
Alert: Bid>60.61
Equity Focus

$DK Downtrend break on the daily and reclaim of EMA support above the lovely look for cont to upside IMO if it can break and confirm
Alert: Bid>35
Options Note: 35 weekly calls

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