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Side Charts – March 8, 2019

$EA Watching the 99.44 area to break, will confirm the intra-flag range break to the upside. We can see the next leg up into 100+ in my opinion
Alert: Bid>99.44
Options Note: 100 weekly calls.

$PLNT watch the 65 break for cont into the next leg up towards 67.3, nice chart if it can break and hold.
Alert: Bid>65
Equity Focus

$QURE 62.67 break into at the high, will have room towards the 70 level, looks great in my opinion for cont.
Alert: Bid>62.67
Equity Focus

$IDRA Spec play long, 2.88 break and hold, range break off the bottom with room to the upside in my opinion.
Alert: Bid>2.88
Equity Focus

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