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Side Charts – Nov 16, 2018

$NBEV ww the 4.35 50ema break on the daily, this can see cont to the upside. Like the change of the health of the company for cont,not a momo play.
Alert: Bid>4.35
Options Note: Lotto Nov 16 4.5 calls


$AZUL ww the 27 break for cont to upside, there is tons of room to the upside.
Alert: Bid>27.1
Equity Focus


$VNET nice monthly range break setup, 11.88 breaks we can see cont to the upside.
Alert: Bid>11.88
Options Note: 12 calls lotto Nov 16


$OLED ww the bottom pattern here, break of 91 we have room towards the downtrend, 95 area.
Alert: Bid>91
Options Note: 95 Nov 16 calls.

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