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Side Charts – Nov 21, 2018

$CLVS ww the 18 break for cont, stock has room on the upside back towards the 20 mark. Must break and confirm.
Alert: Bid>18
Equity Focus


$PZZA ww the flag break on the daily at the 59 level, we can see the next leg up there after through the 60 mark imo
Alert: Bid>59
Options Note: 60 weekly calls


$AGCO ww long on the break of the flag on the daily, must break and confirm, will be an all day grinder if it does breakout of that flag on the daily.
Alert: Bid>58.34
Equity Focus


$COLL ww the 18 area, if this res breaks we should see cont higher towards 19 mark imo.
Alert: Bid>18

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