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Next Week Option Ideas – June 17, 2018


$TSLA 360.63 breaks will be eyeing 375-380 calls, hourly trend holding just needs range break and has room between 370.51-387.61. Confirmation key here, must hold above range for 1 hour.

BOX op

$BOX looking for flag break on daily, break of 27. Will be eyeing July 27,28,29,30 calls. Must confirm on hourly. 28-30 room on initial move

Blue Vert

$BLUE looking for retest of the daily trend to grab 190-200 July Verticals, trend must be tested and hold above, need confirmation here as well. Trend Breaks Exit. 192.5-197.5 Area TargetBMY
$BMY Retest of 50ema 54.44 looking for support to hold, grab the 55-56 calls on pull back, room on daily towards 55.3-56.7 level.

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