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$TLRD ww the reclaim of the 24 area, room to 25 if it holds up. Nice daily range breakout. Alert: Bid> 24 Options Note: 25 Dec 21 calls   $NVRO ww long over the 43 area, nice daily setup here. Alert: Bid 43 Options Note: Dec 45 calls   $VSAT nice daily flag setup, breaks the range on the daily at 70.5 has room

$CVLS ww the 18.3 break, takes out we should see cont on a push towards the the 20 mark. Alert: Bid>18.3   $MTCH ww the break of the 41.7 area for cont to the upside, nice reclaim of ema support off the bottom. Alert: Bid>41.77 Options Note: 45 Dec 21 Calls   $CRTO ww off the bottom here 24.30 breaks we have room

$BYD ww the break of the 25 area, stock will have room to push on the daily to the upside Alert: Bid>25   $ESPR ww the break of the 52.7 area, nice dt break on the daily. We can see cont to the upside on that break and hold. Alert: Bid> 52.7 Options Note: 55-60 vertical calls Dec 21   $GS ww the

$AMD nice curl and push off the bottom, reclaiming ema support, room to the upside if we can break the range. Alert: Bid>21.89 Options Note: Weekly 22 calls   $AVGO ww the dt break on the daily, if this breaks and confirms we can see cont to the upside. Big level. Alert: Bid>240 Options Note: Weekly 240 calls Nov 30th   $NAKD Spec play

$PTLA ww the curl off the bottom here, if this can regain short term support we will have some room to push. Alert: Bid> 20.5 Options Note: Dec 21 20 calls   $PIXY Nice daily downtrend break and break of the range resistance. Breaks back above the 4.15, we can see cont imo Alert: Bid>4.15 Equity Focus   $WB ww the curl off the

$TSRO looking for continuation through the 43.7 level back towards the recent highs, must break and hold for the push. Alert: Bid>43.7 Options Note: Dec 21 45-50 calls   $CRSP looking for continuation back towards the downtrend on the break of ema res, will have 1 pt of room there imo. Alert: Bid>35.35 Equity Focus   $AMRN Looking for continuation through the 19.15 level

$CLVS ww the 18 break for cont, stock has room on the upside back towards the 20 mark. Must break and confirm. Alert: Bid>18 Equity Focus   $PZZA ww the flag break on the daily at the 59 level, we can see the next leg up there after through the 60 mark imo Alert: Bid>59 Options Note: 60 weekly calls   $AGCO ww long

$EAT ww the breaks of the 50.5 area for cont to the upside. Nice flag on the daily setup and relative strength all day. Will watch for cont. Alert: Bid> 50.5 Options Note: Dec 21 50 calls   $SOLO ww long off the bottom, decent news and given the electric car sector strength this could move on sympathy next few

$NBEV ww the 4.35 50ema break on the daily, this can see cont to the upside. Like the change of the health of the company for cont,not a momo play. Alert: Bid>4.35 Options Note: Lotto Nov 16 4.5 calls   $AZUL ww the 27 break for cont to upside, there is tons of room to the upside. Alert: Bid>27.1 Equity Focus   $VNET nice

$ROKU ww long off the bottom off this range break and extension, 44.3 breaks we have room to rebound towards the 46-47 level imo Alert: Bid> 44.3 Options Note: 45 weekly calls   $AMD ww the 21.08 area, breaks we can see a range break off the bottom and cont push to the upside. Alert: Bid>21.08 Options Note: 21.5   $BHGE 23.67 break to