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$GEVO Spec play off the bottom, watching for the break and confirm of the 50 EMA for cont to the upside. Room to push over 2.6Alert: Bid>2.65Equity Focused $SIG Nice range break setup off the bottom, will be a grinder to the upside imo but has room into the gap. Alert: Bid>26.4Options Note: March 1st 27-28 calls $VYGR Intra-flag

$SFLY Watch the break of 47 for cont to the upside, once the 50 EMA is reclaimed/ downtrend is broken we have room to cont out of this consolidation higher, great look imo.Alert: Bid>47Equity Focus$GOGO Nice downtrend break on the daily and reclaim of the 50 EMA. This level holds we can see cont towards 4.3,

$HEAR ww the 18.4 break for cont back into the 19-20 area, big range resistance area. Must break and hold. Alert: Bid 18.4Options note: 20 March 15c $DY Range break setup 64.8 area, room to around 67-68 on the daily. Alert: Bid>64.8 Options Note: Weekly 65 Calls $BE Looking at the 50ema break for cont to

$RMD ema support reclaim on daily with room into the gap towards the 50ema, room to push imo, nice lookAlert: Bid>99.6Options Note: 100c Weekly Cheap! $PIXY Low float name off the bottom, curliong and ema reclaim, breaks the 50ema has room to push imoAlert: Bid>1.81Equity Focus $ROKU Big flag break setup on the daily, consolidating for the next

$WTW Spec play off the bottom if it can break the 29.55 and hold, earnings next week, room to the upside. Only grab on confirmation of the 29.55.Alert: Bid>29.55Options Note: 30 calls Weekly $ALGN Nice breakout on the daily into the gap, looking for cont higher into the 260+ level. RoomAlert: Bid>258 Options Note: 270 calls Weekly $DBVT Beaten

$AXGN Range breaking off the bottom, looking for cont higher into the 20.6 level next few days, must break and confirm.Alert: Bid>18.86Equity focus $NVRO Nice daily flag break setup, looking for cont to the recent range high of 49.55, that breaks we have room 50+ this weekAlert: Bid>49.55Options Note: Feb 15, 50 calls $PAM massive range break on

$SFLY Watch the 48 break to the upside for cont tomorrow into the 49-50 mark. Big range on daily. Great Strength, will be the blow off short term imo if this area breaks to the upside.Alert: Bid>48Options Note: Feb 15 50 calls $ENTA 91 Breaks to the upside we can see cont towards the 95 area. Room to push

$CLVS Worth watch the break and hold of the 26.6 level for cont into 27.6 on the upside. Nice amount of room on the daily for cont if we break and confirm.Alert: Bid>26.6Equity Focus $PBYI Looking for the break and hold of the 28.42 level. Stock is into the gap with room on the upside.Alert: Bid>28.42Equity

$INTC 50.6 break to the upside for cont towards the 51.4 area on the open. Alert: Bid> 50.6 Options Note: Feb 51 weekly Calls $PAM Weekly range break to the upside setup, great chart off the lows.  Alert: Bid>37.8 Options Note: March 15 40's (like this as a swing)$PVTL nice chart setup to come off

$SAIC Nice curl of the bottom, watching the reclaim of the 69 range for cont into the lower 70s.Alert: Bid>69Options Note: Feb 15 70 calls $FTSI Great curl off the bottom, 50ema cross and reclaim here, room to the upside IF we break the recent range to the upside.Alert: Bid>8.88Equity Focus $PLSE 15.6 range breaks to the upside,