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$IFMK ww the break off the bottom at the 1.2 area, room to the upside. Spec play with some nice r/r if we can get going.Alert: Bid>1.2Equity Focus $GOOS Nice daily here with room to the upside, EMA support holding, nice flag setup. Watch the 49.1 area to break for contAlert: Bid>49.1Options Note: 49.5 lotto calls $FSLR 48

$COUP watch the 69.88 range res on the daily to the upside, breaks this range we can see cont on the break out. Lovely chart for cont. NTNX sympathy imoAlert: Bid>69.88Options Note: Weekly 70 calls $TPX Worth watching the 50.89 area of resistance to the upside, breaks this are we can see cont imo back into the

$PBYI Worth watch a break of the intra-flag range break for continuation on the daily towards the 25 range resistance, holding EMA support, bullish look.Alert: Bid>23.8Equity Focus $TNXP Small spec play on watch given the recent low float action. Recent reverse split. Watching the EMA reclaim on the daily for continuation higher.Alert: Bid>2.5Equity Focus $WYNN Watching the roll

$THO 62 break for cont to the upside into the 65 level. Nice daily chart setup but must break and hold 50 EMA for cont.Alert: Bid>62Options Note: Weekly 65 calls$MTCH Watching the hold above the 50 EMA for cont if we can also break the 45.58 resistance to the upside. Alert: Bid>45.58Options Note: Weekly 45-50 calls$PTLA Biotech

$DOMO flag break setup on daily, ww the 22 break for cont towards the 23.1+ area. Holding ema support and trend above recent range break.Alert: Bid>22Options Note: Jan 18 22-23 calls $NKTR ww the range break on the daily to the upside IF we can take out 42.24 we have room to push.Alert: Bid>42.24Options Note: Jan 11th 42.5 calls $NBEV nice daily

$SQ Watch for the pull back on this name to retest that 50ema, if we do great place to watch for basing to take long on contAlert: Ask<65Options Note: 65 Weekly calls $TGT Watching for a rejection at the 50ema to take short back down into the 70 area.Alert: Bid>71.51Options Note: Weekly 70 outs on reject $TILE 15.51

$MTCH breaking out off the bottom into the gap, ww for cont above the 45.3 level, room to push higher. Alert: Bid>45.3Options Note: 45-47 calls Jan 18 $NVRO Nice range breakout setup on daily with room into the 50ema, looking for cont higher above the 40.1 spot into that area if we confirm the breakoutAlert: Bid>40.1Options Note: Jan

$EOLS ww the range break to the upside above the 15.51 area, if this breaks and holds we can cont to push imo to the upside. Alert: Bid>15.51Equity Focus $BIDU Lovely daily chart setup off the bottom IF we can break and hold over 165 we can see the next leg up imo.Alert: Bid>165Options Note: Weekly 170 calls $PYX

$VSTM nice bottom setting up on the daily chart, watch the 3.75 level to the upside, if this area breaks we can see cont to the upside imo, grinder but has roomAlert: Bid>3.75Equity Focus $DNR Oil play off the bottom, ww the break of the 2.1 level and hold for confirmation to the upside, plent of room

$PVTL watch the 16.6 resistance to the upside, nice reversal pattern setting up, we can see cont to the upside on the break of that level back into the 50ema/ dt in the short term.Alert: Bid>16.6Options Note: January 17 calls $PYX Watch the 12.95 res on the daily, we get over this level we can see cont