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$TGT worth watching the 66.3 spot off the bottom. Nice range break setup and bear flag fail confirming. Squeeze pattern to the upside especially on the hold of ema support. Room into 68-69 imo on the break and hold.Alert: Bid>66.3Options Note: Jan 4th 67.5-68 Calls (Cheap)$CRSP Reversal pattern setting up off the bottom IF we

$OLED ww the 86.31 support level, if this breaks we can see a pull back into the lower 82 area.Alert: Ask<86.3Options Note: 85 weekly puts  $PIXY ww the 2.01 area off the bottom, big vol today interesting in that regard. Alert: Bid>2.01Equity Focus $OKTA ww the 50ema break on the daily, has room to test the downtrend

$GOOS watch the 42 area to the upside, we break this high we can start to see a reversal in the name. Beaten down, extended and lagging behind the market imo. Alert: Bid>42.31Options Note: Weekly 45 Calls $CVNA ww the 34 break on the daily, if we break this ema we can see cont higher towards the 35.8

$TWLO worth watching the 75.7 area, if this level gets reclaimed we can see a bounce back towards the downtrend on the daily, extended down here.Alert: Bid>75.7Options Note: 80 Weekly Calls $TWTR Broken trend and into the bottom range support on the weekly, watch the 26.19 area. If this support holds we can see a

$COUP worth watching the reclaim of the 60 level, will have room to bounce imo back towards 62 tomorrowAlert: Bid>60Options Note: 60 calls exp Dec 21$NBEV Holding trend support on daily, bull flag setting up for the next leg up. ww the push through 6.71, will have room into 7+ imoAlert: Bid>6.7Equity Focus$STMP Watch the 152

$NVDA H pattern to the downside, 133.31 range breaks room on daily lowerAlert: Ask<133.31Options Note: 130-120 weekly vertical puts $AMD 18 area breaks we should see cont on this bear flag into the 17.29 area of supportAlert: Ask<18Options Note: 17.5 puts $STMP ww the range break to the downside at 14.5.8 area, room on the daily.Alert: Bid>145.5Equity Focus $VXX

$SRPT ww a bounce back towards 108.65 support and failure to short the stock back down, room towards 101 imo on this range breaksAlert: Bid>108Equity Focus $OLED ww the 93 area of support, if this spot breaks we will have room lower. Relative strength despite the market pull back. Alert: Ask<93Options Note: Dec 21 90 Puts $SOLO small one

$RIOT ww the dt channel retest at 1.8, if this breaks we can see a nice push, former runner. Alert: Bid>1.8Options Note: 2 Dec 21 calls $SQ Watch the bearflag range break to the downside 59.1 breaks we should see cont lower imo. Alert: Ask<59.1Options Note: 57.5 Puts Dec 21 $PYPL 83.85 large support area, if this breaks ww for

$HUYA 18.3 res breaks we can see cont to the upside. Think we can see a push towards the 50ema.Alert: Bid>18.3Options: 18.5 Calls Dec 14th$CIEN Worth watch the 35 area tomorrow, if this range breaks to the upside we can see cont to upside again imo towards Thursdays highs.Alert: Bid>35Options Note: Dec 14 31 calls$JD ww

$CVNA ww the range break off the botom at 37, breaks we have room to the upside, stock likes to squeeze imo. Alert: Bid>37Equity focus $OLED ww the break of the 50ema on the daily, if this occurs we should see strong cont towards the 105+ area imoAlert: Bid> 100.38Options Note: 110 Dec 21 Calls $PTLA ww the 22