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$MTSI ww cont to the upside, nice basing down here, 16 breaks this has room back towards the 17.28 mark. Alert: Bid>16 Options Note: Nov 16 17.5 calls   $WYNN ww cont on the long side, 115 breaks this has room imo back towards the 121 area Alert: Bid> 115 Options Note: 117 Lotto Calls Nov 2nd   $WHR ww long on the breaks

$YY nice breakout off the bottom, looking for cont into the daily 50ema if the 65 level breaks Alert: Bid>65 Options Note: Nov 2nd 65 calls   $SFIX looking for a range break off the bottom for cont towards the daily 50ema, must see confirmation first. Alert: Bid>26.85 Options Note: 27 nov 2nd calls   $TNDM nice dt break on daily and ema reclaim,

$VIRT ww a pull back towards the 23.6 trend support for a long, nice range break to upside. Ideal to grab off of the retest of this level for cont higher. Alert: Ask<23.6 Options Note: Nov 16 25 calls   $CHGG ww for cont on the break of the 26.3 area, this will have room back towards the 50ema imo.

$ROKU ww cont to the downside, 50 breaks we have room to fill the gap imo to the 47-48 level Options Note: 50 weekly puts Alert: Ask<50   $SQ breaking support, if 67 breaks we should have room towards the 65 spot imo Options Note: 65 puts weekly Alert: Ask<67   $PTI nice flag break on daily and relative strength today, looking for cont

$KSS ww the break of the 50ema to the upside, if the 74.4 breaks I think we can see cont on this higher, relative strength in this weak market. Alert: Bid>74.4 Options Note: 74.5 weekly calls $ANF ww a break back over of the 18.8 mark for continuation, nice curl on daily and cross of the 13ema to the

$CBT ww off the bottom here, extended but must confirm the bounce if you go long, 50.5 breaks and confirms we have room to 51.4 imo Alert: Bid> 50.5 Options Note: Nov 16 55 calls $AUDC ww the daily break out, nice range break with vol, look for cont if this 12.2 area breaks and confirms Alert: 12.2 Options Note: Nov

$INTC ww for continuation on the long side if this 45.5 level breaks, ema cross to the upside would give this room to around 46.3 imo. Nice bottoming chart Alert: Bid>45.3 Options Note: 46 -45 weekly calls $TWLO ww a bounce off the lows IF we breaks 70 to the upside, break of this downtrend will give us room

$SQ ww bear flag setting up on daily, breaks of the 74 level we can have room down to the 72 or lower imo. Alert: Ask<74 Options Note: Weekly 72 puts$TWLO ww the 71 area, if this breaks I think the stock can pull towards the 70 or lower mark, confirmation key. Alert: Ask<71 Options Note: 71-70 weekl puts$WWE ww

$TNDM ww the 40.36 break for cont to the daily dt of 44, needs to break and confirm. Nice chart imo. Alert: Bid>40.36 $TSRO looking for the 45 range test to upside, if this breaks we have room into the 48 area, confirmation key. Alert: Bid>45 $BZH looking for a bottom play on the 10.2 break to upside, 10.2 must

$PLAY ww cont towards the upside on a break and hold over the 62.7 area, must confirm! Like the ema and dt break. Alert: Bid>62.7 Options Note: 62.5 Weekly Calls $MDCO ww the dt break and hold above the channel, must confirm for cont. Nicely beaten down, looking for cont. Alert: Bid> 28.8 Options Note: 30 weekly Calls $EAT ww the breaks